Setting off on this journey guided by the light that the title of this book has to offer, has brought much needed clarity to some shadowy corners of the learning experience that is parenting.

The questions “why me?” and “why this?” are to be urgently explored as parents face their biggest challenges in life unknowingly treading as teachers through their own schooling time. Learning to be the grown up, to set up rules and enforce them, to think ahead and plan for the child’s well being, to filter and to provide the child with the tools he or she will need in life to succeed. These are all skills parents learn on the go. But, where is everyone going in such a hurry?

Focusing a light on the present to keep in mind that it is the journey that matters, Everything Happens for a Reason urges you to open your eyes and truly see what life has given you. To look at both gifts and challenges with a new perspective in order to learn from them. To unveil that which presents itself as an obstacle, to see it as a valuable gift, an opportunity to confront what you’ve been avoiding, to step out of your comfort zone in order to widen it, and to find out what you are truly capable of. To live grateful, enjoying your present, your “now,” all we ever have, with all its exciting opportunities for growth.