The World looks a little bit different from down here. Most people don’t get to have this perspective, unless they’re on vacation, laying on a beach. But in most of those cases, people tend to pull a book out and get sucked into the printed words or close their eyes and vanish.

I enjoy my perspective. More than anything, I love how close I am, at all times, to people’s shoes. Shoes are fascinating! Shoes tell the story of where you’ve been, which cat rubbed against you or what other puppy is fighting for your attention. Shoes tell me if you had a hard day or if you’ve been dancing all evening. Shoes make my tail wag as I also know how ridiculously good they are to chew on. But I try to keep that out of my mind as chewing on shoes has the most horrible consequences; including no treats, which I find devastating.

A shoe was my first crib, maybe that’s why I’m so attached. I love socks too! Although I can’t explain why.

I’m always happy because my point of view keeps me close to the things I love.

Roger Good

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