An icon of empathy, Roger is the puppy children want and the puppy parents prefer indoors. Fueled by good intentions, Roger stands as translator for the younger crowd, acts out every feeling so that children won’t have to and tracks their behavior. Roger teaches children to think smartly, considering the consequences before making choices.

While behavior management is one the most trying aspects of parenting, Roger has the talent to turn it into a game for the entire family, transforming constant repetition and dynamics that result in negative attention. By enticing children to behave properly willingly, Roger is the impartial referee every player wants.

Within this exciting new journey, new symbols replace long or repetitive explanations. “Yellow” takes a whole new meaning in this private language that changes the behavioral conversation to one that neither antagonizes nor threatens. Communication becomes quick and effective. Good is where children set off from every morning. It is what is expected in their choices throughout the day and teaching them to make these choices is what is expected from mom and dad.

GOOD PUPPY tools defer behavior to the puppy, freeing parents from the bad cop role and bestowing upon them the time and the environment to become guides and moral luminaries to their children.