Help Children Sleep Through The NIght

Download your GOOD PUPPY NIGHTLIGHT free and let children meet their dreams to the soothing warmth of a crackling fire, chirping crickets and in the company of our friendly puppy, Roger Good, there to keep the campfire burning through the night.

This app contains no ads and you may use it for as long as you’d like. Three new scenarios are available via in-app purchase. Choose the bundle and get children to bed without a fuss!

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Improve Child Behavior With A Simple Game Children Love

Implement child cognitive behavioral therapy with easy-to-use tools children love. See Immediate results as the game replaces old habits with new dynamics. Provide children with a predictable healthy structure they can count on by establishing consequences, which reduces anxieties by removing fears of the unknown. Positive reinforcements promote good behavior, while long term incentives motivate children that need immediate gratification to work towards a long term goal. The game helps children get the attention and understanding they need to manage their own behavior and grow self esteem in the process.

Child Cognitive Behavioral System Tools . Find them at George’s Dragon


Help Children Control Their Emotions & Grow A Healthy Moral Code

GOOD PUPPY Emotional tools help children identify, verbalize and understand emotions and their flow. This knowledge gives children control over their emotions, instead of being victims to them. Children learn to curb their own behavior and to face new challenges with courage and understanding.

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Improve Child Behavior At Home, School Or Therapy

Choose the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System toolkit that best fits your needs, in softcover or printable PDF, or start with the GOOD PUPPY Pack Hanging Set.

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Download The Tools You Want & Print Them Whenever You Need Them

From an integrated token economy system to behavioral charts and emotions wheels, GOOD PUPPY tools are available in digital PDF for you to print at your convenience. Download the toolkit that best fits your needs, or get the tools you want as single downloads.

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A Little Help Can Go A Long Way

Coaching is available for parents, teachers and therapists. Get a coach to help you through the implementation process and take full advantage of the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System. Book your coaching session at George’s Dragon.

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Give Children The Metaphors To Cope With Early Childhood Challenges

GOOD PUPPY Children’s Picture Books help children cope with challenges faced during early childhood development. Lovable characters, beautiful illustrations, rhyme and reason empower children and parents with modern myths for deeper understandings.

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Download All GOOD PUPPY Apps & Games Free & Play With Roger!

Help this CLUELESS puppy find his ducky, remember with TOTAL RECALL, or just take him for a SPACE WALK. Download your GOOD PUPPY NIGHTLIGHT free and get children to sleep through the night!

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A Brand For All Ages

Browse the GOOD PUPPY Vintage Collection and find something special for everyone in the family. Add a little humor to your life, provoke some smiles or spark fun conversations.

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Get To Know Roger!

Send Roger a message or find him on your favorite social platform. Get in touch, follow him & share GOOD PUPPY with your friends!

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