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Child Behavior Management Clip Chart Set . Consequences, Rewards, Emotions . For 1 to 20 Children

Child Behavior Management Clip Chart Set . Consequences, Rewards, Emotions . For 1 to 20 Children

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GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.

Created, Designed and Printed In The U.S.A.


    • 1 CLIP CHART: Hangs 3 feet tall on display. Features 4 sturdy, 2-sided, 8" round heavy paper stock discs with an additional ducky on the bottom. Complete with 20 wooden clips, this set efficiently caters to up to 20 children and more, effortlessly expandable with additional clothespins. Ideal for siblings or classrooms.

    • 5 CONSEQUENCES CHARTS: Single-sided, measuring 8.5" x 11". GOOD PUPPY Consequences serve as the backbone of the system, offering a consistent application of rewards and lost privileges. This chart establishes a solid structure comprehensible to children, presenting consequences not as punishments but as opportunities for rewards. It instills a sense of responsibility for actions and cultivates the ability to make sound choices.

    • 1 GOOD PUPPY EMOTIONS COLOR WALL CHART: Single-sided design, measuring 11 x 24.5 inches, crafted with a satin finish paper. This chart serves as a valuable tool, aiding children in recognizing their emotions and expressing them verbally rather than having to act them out. While children instinctively refer to the chart, it is specifically designed to be utilized when behavior declines.

    • 2 GOOD PUPPY PLAY CASH PACKS: 2 Packs contain a total of 40 bills, 10 of each of 4 denominations: $1, $2, $5, and $10. Each bill is has double-sided printing, and measures 2.5" H x 6" W. This token economy is purposefully crafted to reward children for the final puppy position of the day. Accumulated throughout the week, these molars can be exchanged for a well-deserved reward or allowance.

    Manage child behavior effectively with the Good Puppy Clip Chart Set. This 3-foot-tall chart uses positive reinforcement and engaging visuals to help children aged 3-9 understand consequences, rewards, and emotions. Ideal for home, school, or therapy, it includes 5 consequences charts, an emotions color wall chart, and play cash packs to create a structured, nurturing environment. Perfect for children with ADHD, dyslexia, or other challenges. Enhance your behavior management strategies with Good Puppy today!


    • Manage Child Behavior.
    • Set Healthy Boundaries.
    • Build A Healthy Structure.
    • Motivate Children.
    • Teach Children to Make the Right Choices.
    • Improve Communication.
    • Distinguish Talents & Limitations.
    • Adjust Expectations.
    • Gain Child Cooperation.
    • Establish A Supportive Relationship.
    • Improve Family or Classroom Dynamics.
    • Create A Peaceful Environment.

    RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN AGES 3 TO 9: Crafted with empathetic images and multiple correspondences, the system is tailored for children as young as 3 years old. Its inclusive design extends support to those facing challenges such as dyslexia, color blindness, ADHD, ODD, and certain dissociative disorders.

    EASY TO IMPLEMENT: The system is straightforward to set up and begins yielding immediate results by assisting children in understanding expectations, ensuring acknowledgment for good behavior, and fostering positive development through their own actions.

    BASED ON THE BEST EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES: The GOOD PUPPY System represents a cohesive compilation of the most impactful evidence-based practices and tools. It contributes to the establishment of a healthy structure by reshaping existing dynamics, emphasizing effective approaches rather than dwelling on what is not working. This comprehensive system incorporates proven practices such as Positive Reinforcement, Focusing on What Works, Incentives and Rewards, Positive Subliminal Imagery and Text, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a Token Economy.

    CONGRUENT FOR HOME, SCHOOL, AND THERAPY: Meticulously designed and individually curated, the GOOD PUPPY system seamlessly aligns with the dynamics of home, school, and therapy settings in three individual manuals and toolkits. While these manuals and toolkits cater specifically to parents, teachers, and therapists, the tools maintain consistent applicability across these diverse environments.

    WHY A PUPPY? Because children adore puppies. It's simpler for a child to empathize with a puppy than with an unfamiliar human face, facilitating better connections. This connection allows children to relate to Roger's emotions and easily comprehend the system's levels. Roger Good, our Good Puppy and child-whisperer, was created in a minimalist 2D style tailored for children as young as 3 to comprehend effortlessly. Roger shifts the conversation from behavior discussions to puppies, steering clear of tantrums and infusing a sense of humor and enjoyment into behavior management. When behavior challenges arise, a simple question suffices: What's your puppy?


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    Customer Reviews

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    Hiren Hiranandani
    Every parent should use this

    I must express my admiration

    This clip chart and system have proven to be an invaluable tool in instilling positive behavior in children. It facilitates effective behavior monitoring for a considerable number of children. The thoughtful design featuring Roger, the Good Puppy, is not only charming but also remarkably accessible, catering to the comprehension levels of even 3-year-olds. Within our household, this set has introduced an element of enjoyment while fostering discussions on desirable conduct. The sturdiness of the set and the high gloss finish contribute to its overall appeal. I wholeheartedly endorse this system, as it has undeniably made a positive impact in our lives!

    Best behavioral tools!

    The creativity behind these tools is out of this world! The “mollars” = “dollars”, the behavioral hanging set and the chart of consequences worked great with my niece and nephew. My sister started noticing lasting improvements since the very beginning, I highly recommend it!!

    Love it

    My kids love it. My life has changed for the much, much better!

    Very helpful!

    received the child behavior kit. I have tried it and have notice a slight improvement in my child’s behavior. The rings encourages my son to behave and follow the rules. The pretend money is a great way to encourage my son to control his behavior and emotions, for each day he shows ownership and good intentions he gets a pretend dollar. The emotion poster helps him and us figure out his emotions and why he feels the way he does. I would recommend this for anyone of have children with different type of challenges.

    Great Concept!

    I absolutely love this concept for encouraging kids to make good choices and "run with the pack," as it focuses on how our behaviors influence our interactions with others and how we can practice cooperation and model leadership behaviors to become "pack leaders"! It also utilizes a token economy method, which works great both with my grade schooler (who sometimes likes to push the limits of house rules) and my kindergartener (who tends to be more traditionally "on board" with limits); and reinforces monetary education as well. Both of them like seeing visually whether they are headed up to "Super Puppy" or down to the doghouse with "Naughty Puppy." The set comes with a nice add on chart visualizing a wide array of puppy feelings, allowing children to name their emotions when they come into conflict with pack expectations. The idea and execution are very good, and the puppy graphics are adorable and accessible to children of all ages.