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A Little Puppy with A Long Story

Established in 2001, GOOD PUPPY initially emerged as a charismatic character crafted for entertainment. Serving as the spokespuppy for a dynamic creative group, GOOD PUPPY swiftly garnered attention as a key figure in pioneering animated websites. Notably, the character graced The Invicta Watch Group's online platform and the prestigious Invicta Sunday Run. Moreover, GOOD PUPPY adorned the backs of Invicta's premier timepieces in a Limited Edition collection dubbed "The Invicta Watch Puppy."

In 2013, a pivotal shift occurred as GOOD PUPPY transitioned into the realm of children's literature, debuting as a publisher with an impressive array of eight captivating books, including the acclaimed "GOOD PUPPY: Lost." This transformative period unearthed a critical realization for GOOD PUPPY's creative visionaries, Marina Tito and Lorenzo Di Alessandro: the absence of a comprehensive system to aid parents, educators, and therapists in managing child behavior, fostering emotional regulation, and instilling crucial social values.

Collaborating with Gabriel Tito, a seasoned family therapist with over two decades of dedication to children's well-being, Marina and Lorenzo embarked on a mission to rectify this oversight. Guided by Gabriel's expertise, they embarked on extensive research and development, meticulously crafting tools and toolkits. These were rigorously tested and refined through engagement with family therapist groups, who provided invaluable insights and feedback. The result? A revolutionary system based on the best evidence-based practices, designed to be effortlessly implemented, yielding rapid and tangible outcomes, while remaining adaptable to the nuances of individual circumstances.

Today, the impact of GOOD PUPPY's innovative approach reverberates throughout the community of parents, educators, and therapists alike, with testimonials attesting to its transformative power. GOOD PUPPY stands as a beacon of hope, offering practical solutions and fostering positive outcomes for the next generation.

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