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Child Behavior Management Play Cash . 60 Bills in 4 Denominations

Child Behavior Management Play Cash . 60 Bills in 4 Denominations

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GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.

Created, Designed and Printed In The U.S.A.


  • 3 GOOD PUPPY PLAY CASH PACKS: 3 Packs contain a total of 60 bills, 15 of each of 4 denominations: $1, $2, $5, and $10. Each bill has double-sided printing, and measures 2.5" H x 6" W. This token economy is purposefully crafted to reward children for the final puppy position of the day. Accumulated throughout the week, these molars can be exchanged for a well-deserved reward or allowance.

Teach kids about rewards and behavior with Good Puppy Play Cash. This set includes 60 colorful, double-sided bills in 4 denominations ($1, $2, $5, $10), designed for children aged 3-9. Perfect for home, school, or therapy, play cash is a token economy system designed to encourage positive behavior and decision-making. Ideal for managing ADHD, dyslexia, and other challenges, this engaging tool helps foster emotional understanding and responsibility. Discover the benefits of Good Puppy Play Cash today!

RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN AGES 3 TO 9: Crafted with empathetic images and multiple correspondences, the system is tailored for children as young as 3 years old. Its inclusive design extends support to those facing challenges such as dyslexia, color blindness, ADHD, ODD, and certain dissociative disorders.

EASY TO IMPLEMENT: The system is straightforward to set up and begins yielding immediate results by assisting children in understanding expectations, ensuring acknowledgment for good behavior, and fostering positive development through their own actions.

BASED ON THE BEST EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES: The GOOD PUPPY System represents a cohesive compilation of the most impactful evidence-based practices and tools. It contributes to the establishment of a healthy structure by reshaping existing dynamics, emphasizing effective approaches rather than dwelling on what is not working. This comprehensive system incorporates proven practices such as Positive Reinforcement, Focusing on What Works, Incentives and Rewards, Positive Subliminal Imagery and Text, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a Token Economy.

CONGRUENT FOR HOME, SCHOOL, AND THERAPY: Meticulously designed and individually curated, the GOOD PUPPY system seamlessly aligns with the dynamics of home, school, and therapy settings in three individual manuals and toolkits. While these manuals and toolkits cater specifically to parents, teachers, and therapists, the tools maintain consistent applicability across these diverse environments.

WHY A PUPPY? Because children adore puppies. It's simpler for a child to empathize with a puppy than with an unfamiliar human face, facilitating better connections. This connection allows children to relate to Roger's emotions and easily comprehend the system's levels. Roger Good, our Good Puppy and child-whisperer, was created in a minimalist 2D style tailored for children as young as 3 to comprehend effortlessly. Roger shifts the conversation from behavior discussions to puppies, steering clear of tantrums and infusing a sense of humor and enjoyment into behavior management. When behavior challenges arise, a simple question suffices: What's your puppy?

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Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Scott
A Total Behavior Booster

This play cash is fantastic! My kids are eager to earn it and it's really helped with teaching good behavior and responsibility. Highly recommend!

Power to the puppy!

This is a game-changer! My kids eagerly participate in chores and good behavior to earn their play money. It's fun and educational, and they love it.

Laura King
Great Product

The GOOD PUPPY Play Cash is fantastic! My kids love earning and spending their play money. It's been a great way to teach them about responsibility and good behavior. Highly recommend!

Makes teaching responsibility fun for my kids

As a parent of two young kids, I found the GOOD PUPPY Play Cash to be an incredible tool for teaching responsibility and positive behavior. My children love the colorful and fun designs on the bills, and it makes earning rewards a lot more exciting for them. The variety in denominations is perfect for different types of tasks and behaviors. It's been particularly useful for my child with ADHD, making learning and behavior management engaging and effective. Highly recommend for any parent looking for a fun and educational way to motivate their kids!