Although we're dedicating our lives to answering this question in the most positive manner,
here's a bit about the GOOD PUPPY team.


Roger Good
Your Super Sidekick
Chief Design Officer / Front Dog

Follow Roger all over the place. Because that's where you'll find him. Spreading understanding and improving family dynamics with his games, our Super Sidekick is always out at play. Follow him, chase him, catch him if you can! Bring Roger home, and get your own Super Sidekick!


Marina Tito
Chief Instigator
CEO / Creative Director

An international award-winning artist since age seven, this insatiable light seeker spent half her life perfecting her craft. Putting her talents in the service of human kind, this solution-driven instigator works to scare the darkness away. Creating tools  for higher understanding, self understanding and liberation through conscious control of our own emotions, Marina works to help move humanity into a stage of balance and cooperation.


Lorenzo Di Alessandro
Pilot in Command
President / Developer

This commercial pilot left his Learjets behind in order to make his ideas take flight. A born designer, and self-taught developer and animator, this pilot-in-command brings projects to land. Modest to a stall, this sensitive Florentine artist is fueled by higher goals. Find Lorenzo's keen eye on GOOD PUPPY animations, apps and games, and his humor, well, on every move our puppy makes.


Gabriel Tito
Collaborator / Master Coach

After providing family therapy for 15 years, Gabriel noticed the difficulty in affecting  behavior. In order to target this problem, this hero-in-disguise collaborated in the development of the GOOD PUPPY System, which has allowed him to affect real and positive change in child behavior and family dynamics in record time. You can find Gabriel flying from one family to the next, bringing with him the elements of self-empowerment, and of course, his GOOD PUPPY Guy cape.


Ahlam Sharifeh
The GOOD Sheriff
Master Teacher / Master Coach

With a background in psychology, this Master Teacher and fierce promoter of ethics, is the GOOD Sheriff in town. Armed to the teeth with courage and compassion, this hand of nature spreads truth and integrity, turning parents to children and children to parents. Improving communication and dynamics, to grow healthy families and sovereign adults.


Daisy Barroso
Family Therapist / Master Coach

A Licensed Family Therapist with 20 years in the field, this former college professor is the most passionate promoter of solidarity and understanding. Driven by her internal need to spread joy and happiness everywhere she goes, this agent of good can be found generously dedicating her time to a higher cause, a child in need or an animal in distress, whichever comes first.