Why Is Curbing Child Behavior Such A Challenge?       

Children learn by imitating, and parents that react emotionally will have children that do the same. Behaviors are reinforced by family dynamics, misbehavior can become an expectation from parents, and children misbehave to fulfill those expectations. Trying to untangle the web of family dynamics can be a painful, frustrating, and sometimes, futile exercise. Trying to replace unconscious behaviors and emotional responses is as difficult as quitting smoking while trying to behave like Mother Theresa. With nothing but ideals to replace olds behaviors, best intentions usually succumb to old habits and emotional reactions.


WHERE DO All Those Parenting Books GO WHEN YOU NEED THEM?

There are currently a myriad of parenting books with tons of advice and tidbits of information about the best ways to raise your child. Problem is, not one of those books will be there when you need it. Not one of them is present to help you when a tantrum starts. All the information you consumed, sometimes contradicting your personal values or conflicting with your ideas of parenting, doesn't help you build a solid and healthy structure you can agree with and implement on a consistent basis.


You’re Not Alone

After treating children and families for fifteen years, family therapist Gabriel Tito noticed the difficulty of affecting changes in child behavior. The problem stemmed from the difficulty to affect family dynamics, which reverted most of the progress achieved during sessions. Gabriel tried charts and various tools to implement changes at home, but the lack of consistency from parents, partly caused by the lack of interest from the children, made most of these tools useless very quickly.


Creating A Simple Solution

After being unable to find the right tools, Gabriel turned for help to his older sister and brother in law’s publishing studio, GOOD PUPPY. They quickly searched the market for the right tools, but could not find them. In hopes to help Gabriel out, GOOD PUPPY started designing the tools Gabriel needed. For five years, they created and tested, tweaked and refined the tools until a fully comprehensive system was developed. Published in three tool-books, curated for HOME, SCHOOL and THERAPY, the system is designed to be easily implemented by parents, teachers and therapists of children, ages 3 to 9.


Recreating Family Dynamics

Just like quitting smoking, an easier method to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with good ones. Instead of concentrating on what doesn't work and try to fix the unconsciously established family dynamics, we concentrate on what does work. By implementing a cohesive behavioral system children can easily understand, parents can affect behavior, quickly. By following the rules of the game, parents get a more effective method to set limits while building a nurturing structure children can thrive under. By sticking to this new game, with its new set of rules, parents can introduce a healthy child-friendly structure designed to reduce anxiety, improve communication, social skills and bonding and to build self-esteem.


Getting Right To The HEART OF THE System

The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System is designed with empathetic imagery and multiple correspondences that children understand from a very young age, making it inclusive of children with color-blindness, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, ODD, and some associative disorders.

Based on causality and pre-established consequences, parents customize the system to fit their child's personality, their family values and their lifestyle. The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System provides children the structure they seek while putting them in charge of their own status and in control of their own behavior, bringing confrontations and negative attention seeking to a minimum with a simple question: WHAT’S YOUR PUPPY?


Start Curbing Child Behavior With A FREE DownloaD

Browse the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System books below to fully understand the integration and coherence of GOOD PUPPY tools and why children love them as much as they do. Take a peek, download your free PDF and get your own super sidekick!

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The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System offers tools to manage children's behavior, to create incentives and rewards, to improve social skills, to recognize, verbalize and understand emotions and to help children build a healthy moral code. When you're ready to implement the system in full, just download the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral System PDF book for HOME, SCHOOL or THERAPY, according to your needs. With GOOD PUPPY, your own super sidekick, you can manage child behavior like a pro.



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