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In the age of information, where children pick up an iPad at the age of two, parents need to update to what we have recently coined as Wiki Parenting.

Wiki Parenting combines Positive Parenting and Active Listening; focusing on turning parents into the main source of information for their children, Wiki Parenting is about being the child’s trustworthy guide in the discovery of this brand new world. To achieve this, parents must bond with their children in order to build a trusting relationship.

In Wiki Parenting, any question deserves an answer and no question gets judged. The length and detail in which to go into should be tied to Active Listening. Answer the child to the point that he or she understands. Learn when to stop and don’t bore them with details. If you watch and listen, they will let you know when they’re happy with the answer and when enough is enough.

Wiki Parents are always open to explain new words, new concepts, new ideas, why the sun is yellow or why we need to wear clothes. Do not confuse this approach with Permissive Parenting. An explanation does not mean rules don’t apply. Rules are not imposed; they are well explained and understood.

A Wiki Parent provides all the information required by the child to agree to behavior changes in order to give him or her the best chance to cooperate and all the tools to build a healthy morality code.

GOOD PUPPY Theraplay is the perfect companion to Wiki Parenting. The behavioral tools allow for a friendly family game of discipline while offering playful tools to create plenty of bonding opportunities. GOOD PUPPY Emotional Tools prompt the conversations that make Wiki Parenting shine.