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Mostly described as indulgent and non-directive, this parenting style may be a choice for people who grew up without structure and limits themselves. Others that may fall right into this parenting style are children of authoritarian parenting, who try to compensate for what they deem as their parents’ failures by not setting limits nor behavioral expectations and indulging their children’s every whim.

Permissive parenting may also stem from fear of losing the child’s love. A mother who gives up her career to make her child her main priority in life may, understandably, crave her child’s approval and constant affection as a reaffirmation of her choices. She may also fear losing the child’s love if trying to implement discipline.

Permissive parenting could surface later on in the child’s life. Usually as a product of divorce, where guilt, fear of losing the child’s love, or competition for the child’s affections can change family dynamics, distorting earlier pre-established behavioral foundations and leading
the way to a severe lack of motivation, of responsibility, of self-control, anger and an array of behavioral problems. This parenting style does not educate children on proper behavior, leaving them clueless as to how to conduct themselves with others and within society. Ironically, a permissive parenting style imposes the highest and most unrealistic expectations on children who have to figure out proper behavior on their own without any guidance, work, or effort from their parents.

To assist parents in keeping a “seemingly” permissive parenting style while implementing a good and solid behavioral structure, the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral System is all about play. Every day should be a chance for children to advance, to do better, to master their challenges, to build their super powers, self-esteem and self-reliance. Keeping the game consistent, fair, updated and fun is the parent’s job.

When behavior becomes a game, loss of privileges get deferred to the puppy, and parents can continue a loving demeanor towards their children, even as they learn their lessons through a little color jumping.

The GOOD PUPPY Magnets in combination with the GOOD PUPPY Weekly Journal are the quickest and most effective tools to curb poor or unacceptable behavior with a smile. The time spent nightly on the journal should become a ritual and an opportunity for healthy bonding; while the GOOD PUPPY Magnets are a constant reaffirmation that good behavior does not go unnoticed and that it is highly prized.