Granting children the chances to assume new tasks is an important part of assistance during early development, but those new freedoms have to be earned for many reasons. Children left to perform tasks they’re not ready for, will not benefit from the experience and may be reluctant to try again.

Children handle failure in different ways. While some may not seem to be affected by it, others may be traumatized by the negative outcome. These children may rebel when faced with having to assume responsibility for something that has been done for them until then.

Easing children into new tasks and letting them gain control of the situation assures them that they can confidently assume responsibility for it. This learning process and positive outcomes build self-esteem and motivate children to attempt to master new challenges on their own.

GOOD PUPPY Tools engage children in learning and growing with all the recognition they need to build confidence. That confidence grows their self-esteem, which allows them to deal with failure and the desire to try again. Cause and effect teaches children to consider consequences when making choices, making them smarter thinkers. As children gain freedoms, belief in themselves and their capabilities, they become predisposed to succeed at whatever tickles their fancy.