There was something bothering me all day. Since early this morning, when going out for a walk and my favorite mailman showed up with a big brown box and guess what? That brown wrapping paper was for me! I tore it to pieces!! I even had a chance to dive into the box, full of soft foam peanuts (I don't know whether to jump on them or eat them!), before I was forced out and consequently brushed and sent to bed.

I had so much fun playing with the peanuts, but I had the feeling that I was forgetting something and this kept bothering me all day. There, in the back of my mind, hiding in the dark. Like the tic I found right outside the front door as we were leaving to the park. I chased it all the way under the bed and, well, lost it in the dark. But I waited and waited around for it to come out from underneath the bed. I waited, no matter how much anyone tried to deter me, distract me or bargain for my attention. But eventually, I got hungry and forgot all about the tic.

I think I forgot while trying to remember what I had forgotten earlier, but I still could not remember what it was I had forgotten.

I’m not sure how long had gone by, the sun was going down as we left the house for my evening stroll. There, in the middle of the front yard, Betty Bad Kitty sat still as a statue. Which at first glance, I have to admit that a statue is what I thought she was. But as soon as I realized it was Betty taunting me, I ran after her! What is a puppy supposed to do? Betty ran straight for me, she jumped right over me and slid all the way into the house! I ran right after her, but I’m still not the best at breaking on tile and slid right into a big old vase, which made a loud crashing noise. Then, I heard a lot of loud words and got to spend some time alone in the laundry, my favorite room!

As I laid on the furry mat thinking of all the adventures I had that day, the washing machine changed cycles and water started to run. That’s when what I had forgotten all day rushed into my mind!

Sometimes, we are so concerned with what we want, that we forget about what we really need. 

I really, really, really needed to pee!

Roger Good

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