Most people will jump to answer this question with a name, which was chosen for them, a last name, usually inherited, followed by an occupation or corporate title. This type of external self-identification is a common cause for identity crisis.

Knowing who we are can liberate us from our illusory cages. Discovering our passions and overcoming our fears to seek out our purpose in life, can update old and limiting programming. Opening our minds, higher consciousness brings new and deeper understandings about ourselves, and the world around us.

Once our view is amplified and we can see further, we learn to discern and seize challenges instead of avoiding them as obstacles. We learn to make decisions in accord with ourselves; with who we truly are. We learn to take responsibility for our actions and our choices because they reflect who we are; they liberate us and make us strong.

People who would rather blame others for their situations choose to be martyrs, passively giving away all of their powers, dreams and salvation. The only one who can save the martyr is the martyr himself, first, by assuming responsibility for the situation, second, by taking control and finally, by changing the situation.

Knowing that you have the power to affect the situation you’re in, that you can change any situation for the better is what gives you the courage to act and find out who you really are.