With their focus inside, introverts can come off as more reserved, which can be taken for shyness. Introverts are curious, creative and solution oriented. They are also sociable people, but in general they prefer smaller groups and need time alone to create, play and recharge.

Usually considered a “more complicated” personality type, introverts weigh rewards based on their usefulness. Since their internal cues weigh heavier than external incentives, they are willing to delay gratification for a higher reward or even pass on rewards because they don’t find them worth the effort.

Highly stimulating environments can be confusing and frustrating to introverted personalities, who after a short time may look to escape to a calmer setting. While going to a birthday party, a promise of sweets, cake, sodas, socializing and play is an event full of incentives to an extrovert, an introvert may find it loud, messy, annoying, suffocating, claustrophobic, inescapable and overall, overwhelming. Try to fix that with cake! What for one is an incentive can be torture for the other.

While you won’t need to convince an extroverted child to spend the day at the beach, an introverted child may need a bit of coaxing. Busy, weighing out the situation, the introverted child may initially resist. If you can find out what it is that holds a higher interest, the easier it will be to figure out what will entice him or her to go. Did he or she want to spend the day drawing, building or playing with a particular toy? Bring these activities to the beach or create similar incentives. Building a sand castle, a sand maze or a giant drawing on the beach are activities that would spark the introvert’s interest while acquiring a feeling of being included and valued.

The world seems to speak with the voice of the extrovert, idolizing actors for their gregarious roles as living Gods. But when an introvert catches the world’s eye, there is always genuine awe. A discovery, an invention, a realization that solves a problem for society or that advances civilization. From a dark office, a little lab or a garden of solitude, a brilliantly introspective mind shines its light in the benefit of mankind. So, love and care for your introvert and watch them glow!