Laying dormant amongst patience and confidence, courage dreams of waking up. Courage wants to prove itself. Courage wants to let us know who we are. In making its presence known when overcoming challenges, downfalls, fears and limitations, courage propels us.

In quiet non-action, courage speaks its loudest words. In letting go of rituals to let children learn them, in encouraging independence to make children self-reliant, in giving respect, space or privacy, courage soars. In so many aspects and in so many ways, courage comes in to move us forward and get us past our fearful or selfish wishes and choices.

The word “courage” itself stems from the Latin “Coeur”, meaning that it is the “heart” that empowers us. Parenting is a test of courage, a test of the heart. It is this same force that moves our heart to protect our loved ones or to overcome our own obstacles, handicaps or inhibitions for our children or for our own growth.

In mastering the GOOD PUPPY System, children and parents expand their awareness of the game, of themselves and of each other. Challenges are easier to transition, limits can be slowly pushed, fears can be addressed, and your courage gets a super sidekick!