The general belief about communication is that people understand what we’re saying, but usually, nothing could be further from the truth. Miscommunication easily emerges from different languages, social backgrounds, economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, upbringing, personality types or simply, personal expectations.

The way we deliver our messages can have more effect on what is understood. Whether we look into someone’s eyes or we scream from the other side of the house, whether we say something with love and patience or with neglect or disdain. It is in each one of us to be clear if we want to be understood.

Young children read more into gestures and tones than the vocabulary used. While words have recent and little meaning to them, they quickly pick up on the energy directed at them and the tones used. So, while there may have been nothing wrong with what was said, the way it was said can change the final interpretation with damaging consequences.

The GOOD PUPPY System promotes communication and serves as a guide for parents and children alike. Through multiple correspondences and empathic images, children are met at a level they can manage, master and learn from.