More and more children today seem to be displaying extra sensitivities. As life becomes faster, louder and more demanding, more and more children seem to be trying to warn us to slow down. Unaware of the stresses we put on ourselves, we can’t notice the stresses we cause our children. Just checking our phone in the middle of the night will cause enough light to enter our eyes to change our internal body clock. This causes circadian rhythm disorder, which, ironically, prompts us to keep checking the phone in the middle of the night to see what time it is.

A perfect example of extra sensitivity personalities, are children suffering from dyslexia. Many of these children can see three dimensions on a flat surface, giving them an amazing leading edge in the arts. This super power, however, causes all kind of optical illusions when trying to read a printed page. Populated by symbols, separated by spaces, and set on horizontal lines, is a dyslexic’s nightmare. Certain typefaces, spacing and colors help dyslexics read comfortably, but most materials are not designed with their needs in mind.

Confusing environments such as crowds, loud places, bedrooms or classrooms with information scattered throughout the walls, badly designed posters, charts or educational materials, can create a sensation of illness for extra sensitive personalities. They perceive beauty and balance at a gut level and only harmony seems to satisfy and bring peace to these delicate but highly aware types.