10 Reasons Why


You Should Implement The System


1. The First Behavioral System

Based on simple empathetic imagery, children can understand the system from a very young age; while its humorous character transforms negative situations with a smile.

2. Good for Most Children

Empathetic imagery and multiple correspondences, such as color, position and words, make the system accessible to most children, including those suffering from color-blindness, dyslexia and some dissociative disorders.

3. Structure & Boundaries

Pre-established consequences define boundaries and provide children the structure they seek to feel secure, bringing down testing and negotiating and improving children's self-esteem.

4. Positive Reinforcement

A wide variety of tools to create incentives and rewards keep children focused and interested through positive reinforcement.

5. Smart Thinking

Based on cause and effect, the system teaches children to consider consequences before making any choices, teaching them critical thinking and preparing them to make responsible decisions as they gain more freedom.

6. Emotions Out

Empathetic tools and games help children recognize, verbalize and understand their emotions and their flow in order to gain control of their own thoughts and behavior.

7. Self Control

Children gain control of the system by gaining control of their own thoughts, emotions and behavior.

8. Seamless

The GOOD PUPPY System is seamlessly designed for Home, School & Therapy.

9. Simply Share

Simple tools make it easy to share with teachers, parents, caretakers or grandmas.

10. Available to Everyone

Download your FREE SAMPLE which provides the basic tools needed to implement the GOOD PUPPY System, today.