Therapy Streamlined Toolkit

Improve Child Behavior Quickly & Effectively

GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Therapists' Implementation Toolkit
For Children Ages 3 to 9

300 pages
Product Dimensions: 8 x 11 inches
Publisher: GOOD PUPPY
Edition: 1st Edition . May 7, 2018
ISBN-10: 1-940692-48-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-940692-48-7


GOOD PUPPY is here to help therapists in the management of children’s behavior. The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System is designed to create incentives and positive reinforcements, grow confidence and self-esteem, improve communication, social skills and the understanding and verbalization of emotions, positively influencing family dynamics.

This book contains all the tools needed to implement the system with 1 to 3 children within the same family group. Each session includes Homework instructions and Tools.

The system offers evidence of results, with a weekly Questionnaire that collects the data needed to adjust and customize the system as needed.

Follow all the instructions provided to fully benefit from the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System, and bring a Super Sidekick into your practice!

  • Positively Affect Family Dynamics

  • Help Parents Manage Child Behavior

  • Introduce Positive Reinforcements

  • Make Parents Accountable

  • Help Parents Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Set Healthy Boundaries For Parents

  • Get Children To Focus Through Play

  • Teach Children To Think Critically

  • Introduce Cognitive Behavioral Tools

  • Help Children Manage Their Emotions

  • Help Children Manage Their Behaviors

  • Work From Pre-Planned Sessions

  • Provide Tools For Every Session

  • Create Progress Charts

  • Obtain Evidence Of Results

Some Of The Best Evidence-Based Practices Included:

  • Positive Reinforcement

  • Focusing On What Works

  • A Token Economy

  • Incentives & Rewards

  • Positive Subliminals

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Play Therapy

Designed To Aid With:

  • Inattention

  • Hyperactivity

  • Impulsiveness

  • Tantrums

  • Need For Immediate Gratification

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Talking Excessively

  • Negative Attention Seeking

  • Infringing On Others

  • Defiance

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Symptoms of ADD, ADHD & ODD

Children Learn To:

  • Make GOOD Choices

  • Assume Responsibility

  • Think Critically

  • Postpone Gratification

  • Work Towards Long Term Goals

  • Identify & Communicate Needs

  • Understand Emotions & Their Flow

  • Verbalize Emotions

  • Practice Social Skills

  • Identify & Change Thoughts That Cause Anxiety

  • Cope With Anxiety

  • Confront Challenging Situations

Children Benefit From:

  • Feeling Safe Within A Healthy & Supportive Structure

  • Getting The Positive Attention & Recognition They Seek

  • Growing Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Communicating Better

  • Understanding Emotions & Their Flow

  • Controlling Emotions With Thoughts

  • Coping Mechanisms

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety

  • Building A Healthy Moral Code

  • Improved Academic Performance