The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral System is designed with empathetic images and multiple correspondences children understand from a very young age and is inclusive of children suffering from color blindness and dyslexia. The system can also aid children suffering from ODD, ADD, ADHD and some dissociative disorders. Created to assist parents, teachers and therapists of children, ages 3 to 9, the GOOD PUPPY System is very easy to implement, but relies on the consistent application of rewards and loss of privileges for its success.

Start by implementing the GOOD PUPPY Behavioral Tools from the first section below. You can implement the entire behavioral system with free downloads. Then, add tools from the following sections to understand personalities and create the right incentives, to decrease child anxiety by building a healthy structure, to improve communication and help children recognize, verbalize and understand emotions, and to grow empathetic personalities with a healthy moral code.



Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Start Curbing Child Behavior Today


Behavior Management TOOLS

Choose the GOOD PUPPY Avatar tools that best fit your situation. Make sure to add GOOD PUPPY Consequences pages if your tool does not include them. Print your GOOD PUPPY Agreements and choose your favorite GOOD PUPPY Weekly Journal page. With these four tools, you're ready to affect family dynamics and start curbing child behavior. You may also want to add supporting tools, such as the GOOD PUPPY Flag & Salute, the GOOD PUPPY Pledge, or GOOD PUPPY Play Cash. Browse each section and read the directions for each tool carefully, in order to use it correctly.


Personalities & Incentive Tools

Download your free GOOD PUPPY Personality Chart and Tags in order to determine everyone's personalities and adjust tools, rewards, activities, communication and expectations, accordingly.


Structure & Communication TOOLS

Knowing what your child needs or what he or she may have too much of, just got a lot easier. Just make sure you implemented your GOOD PUPPY Personality chart and Tags before implementing GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks in order to do it properly.


Environment & Social Skills TOOLS

Create an environment that promotes well being, good behavior and social skills with a little puppy's help


Feelings & Emotions TOOLS

Children learn to recognize emotions within themselves and others and as they learn to verbalize them they can stop having to act them out. GOOD PUPPY Emotions Tools aid in communication, behavior management and socialization.


Challenges & VIRTUES TOOLS

Familiarize children with life's challenges and the virtues or super powers they posses to face each and every one of them. GOOD PUPPY Challenges & Super Powers promote smart decision making and a healthy moral code.


System ToolBOOKS

The System Toolkit books are available as both, softcover and printable PDF.