Support Tools


Designed to Empower Children, Parents, Teachers & Therapists


GOOD PUPPY books, apps and games provide copying methods, higher understandings and playful experiences to support children during their early learning years.


In order to find yourself, you first need to get LOST. Follow Roger on an awakening adventure.

Get children to sleep Through the night with your GOOD PUPPY NIGHTLIGHT. Download free and let Roger keep the light burning through the night!

Delve into self acceptance with Pretty Seeley, and her cat Mao, to help children prioritize and focus on what truly matters to them.


Betty Bad Kitty’s Bedtime Stories: Blame It On The Fly puts a funny light on what happens when we skip bedtime in order to impart a seriously ridiculous warning worth sharing.

Keep your toolkit in your pocket. Browse your Child Cognitive Behavioral Tools Catalog whenever you need them and wherever you are.

Free children from fears of the unknown with Chloe’s Little Secret: Making friends with our monstrous imaginations.


Exercise growing brains with GOOD PUPPY TOTAL RECALL. The matching game that has no match!

Bringing cognitive behavioral tools in story form, Tears To Cheers empowers children to own their happiness.

Get a clue! Explore The Basement and help Roger retrieve his lost ducky in GOOD PUPPY CLUELESS.