Time Blocks . Printable PDF


Time Blocks . Printable PDF

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Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.

GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks introduce a solid structure children can count on. Empathetic images communicate with children directly, before they can read. Build the child’s daily routine with a colorful line up, choose from 60 GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks. Structure alleviates anxieties and allows children to concentrate on one activity at a time. Start by building the following day so that children can go to bed knowing what to expect when they wake up. As children get used to their GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks, more days can be planned in advance.

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INTROVERTS should get plenty of blue activities to satisfy their needs and some yellow activities to learn to socialize. Yellow activities can be kept to small groups and quiet environments if needed. Green activities can be skipped altogether if the child is not inclined towards any of them.

EXTROVERTS should get plenty of yellow activities. If children show hyperactivity, green activities should be added to fulfill their needs. Blue activities are recommended to help extroverts overcome their limitations and cope with low energy situations. Some understanding, coaxing or incentives may be needed for them to succeed.
GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks’ color-coding serves parents as a quick reference guide. Yellow represents social activities, green stands for high-energy activities, blue for low-energy activities and so on. Check the back side of your GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks for the type of activity and a description of the activity. When laid out, the colors create a visual graphic of the child’s day, making it easier to perceive what type of activity children may have too much of or which they may be lacking.

Time blocks include special cards that let children participate in the managing of their day:

Trade Time: Allows a trade of a card for another.
Swap Time: Allows a swap of a card for another of the same color.
Choice Time: Allows children an opportunity to choose.
Surprise Time: Supports a positive view of the unknown.

To build this tool, print both sides of your GOOD PUPPY Time Blocks, laminate for longer durability, cut them out and put Roger to the test!

The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System helps parents, teachers and therapists in the management of children’s behavior. The system's empathetic design is very easy for children to understand from a very young age, and is inclusive of those suffering from dyslexia, color blindness and some dissociative disorders. The system's structure provides children with the security they seek to build self-esteem and eradicate negative behaviors with a simple question: What’s Your Puppy?

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