Pack Hanging Set . Printable PDF


Pack Hanging Set . Printable PDF

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Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Recommended for groups of children, ages 3 to 9.

  • Easy To Implement
  • Congruent For School, Home & Therapy
  • Based On Positive Reinforcements & Incentives.

This simple tool allows for the management of group behavior. Perfect for classrooms, the GOOD PUPPY System is designed with empathetic images and multiple correspondences, making it inclusive of children as young as 3 years old, as well as those suffering from dyslexia, color blindness, ADHD, ODD and some dissociative disorders.

The GOOD PUPPY System offers a myriad of tools that can be added to the conversation, as well as to create incentives and enhance and promote communication.

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To familiarize children with this tool, fill out the GOOD PUPPY Consequences page included, write each child’s name on a wooden clip, and attach them all to the Green Good Puppy circle. Then, explain the system clearly to the children.
Each day, the entire group sets off from the Green Puppy position. Whenever a child misbehaves, switch his clip from the Green Puppy to the Yellow Puppy, letting him know that his status has changed, that certain privileges have been suspended until he rethinks his behavior. Once the child has proven good behavior, or the rethink time is over, his clip can be moved from the Yellow Puppy back to the Green Puppy. If the child continues to rebel, his pin should be moved from the Yellow Puppy to the Red Puppy and the child can be temporarily removed from the common activity to keep the pack from slowing down.

Time out should be used for good, to give children a moment to calm down, think, explain or try to understand the reason for their disruptive behavior. Since emotions are the source of misbehavior, the GOOD PUPPY® Emotions Wall Chart can be used to better communicate with children and help them identify and verbalize their feelings.
The child that has excelled for the day gets his clip moved to the Blue Super Puppy circle and gets to take Super Puppy’s Ducky (the bottom circle) home for the night, as a symbol of “leader of the pack”. Other class rewards can be attached to winning the Blue Super Puppy. That’s up to the teacher to decide. As children become accustomed to the GOOD PUPPY® System, they learn to curb their behavior in order to maintain all privileges and get with the pack.

To build this tool, print both sides of each piece, laminate for longer durability, cut the pieces and tie them together with loosely tighten plastic fasteners, then clip the extra tail of the fasteners off and you’re ready to put Roger to the Test!

The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System helps parents, teachers and therapists in the management of children’s behavior. The system's empathetic design is very easy for children to understand from a very young age, and is inclusive of those suffering from dyslexia, color blindness and some dissociative disorders. The system's structure provides children with the security they seek to build self-esteem and eradicate negative behaviors with a simple question: What’s Your Puppy?

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