Consequences Pages . Printable PDF


Consequences Pages . Printable PDF

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Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.

GOOD PUPPY Consequences are the backbone of the system. It is the consistent application of rewards and lost privileges, that provides a solid structure children can comprehend. Consequences should be viewed as opportunities for rewards. They teach us responsibility for our actions and how to make choices in order to get what we would like most.

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To familiarize children with this tool, go over each level and decide on the consequences. Since children set off from green every day, the blue level should have the highest reward, the green level should be tied to an every day reward, yellow should reflect a loss of privileges and red an even larger loss of privileges. Post GOOD PUPPY Consequences on a wall, at children’s eye level, as a visual reminder or keep them handy as a reference tool.


The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System helps parents, teachers and therapists in the management of children’s behavior. The system's empathetic design is very easy for children to understand from a very young age, and is inclusive of those suffering from dyslexia, color blindness and some dissociative disorders. The system's structure provides children with the security they seek to build self-esteem and eradicate negative behaviors with a simple question: What’s Your Puppy?

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