Certificates of Achievement . Printable PDF


Certificates of Achievement . Printable PDF

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Children Behavioral & Emotional System

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.

GOOD PUPPY Certificates of Achievement certify behavior, whatever it may be; an illustrious award for great behavior, or even if needed, a way to point out astonishingly naughty behavior. Certify a GOOD PUPPY Weekly Journal, a long term goal achieved or a child’s personal limitation surpassed. Certify them, hang them up and build that self-esteem with the child’s personal accomplishments.

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To implement this tool, set up a challenge, such as a long term goal, good weekly behavior, good behavior during outings, trips, vacations or new experiences. You can tie incentives such as GOOD PUPPY Gift Certificates to the challenge, but while the gift will be cashed and forgotten, the certificate of achievement will remain as a reminder of the child’s accomplishment.

To build this tool, print both sides of your GOOD PUPPY Certificates of Achievement and fill them out when the child wins it. You may frame achievements or post them on a wall as a visual reminder to build self-esteem and confidence to face new challenges.

The GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System helps parents, teachers and therapists in the management of children’s behavior. The system's empathetic design makes it easy for children to understand from a very young age, and inclusive of those suffering from dyslexia, color blindness and some dissociative disorders. The system's structure provides children with the security they seek to build self-esteem and eradicate negative behaviors with a simple question: What’s Your Puppy

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