Play Cash

A Safe & Coherent Token Economy

  • To be implemented with
    GOOD PUPPY Behavioral Tools.

  • Manage child behavior.

  • Easy to implement.

  • Congruent for home, school & therapy.

  • Based on positive reinforcements & incentives.

  • Multiple correspondences:
    colors, numbers, words & empathetic images.

  • Inclusive of children suffering from Dyslexia, color blindness, ADHD, ODD and some dissociative disorders.

  • Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.


  • 20 Bills total
    5 bills of each of 4 Denominations:
    $1, $2, $5 & $10

  • 2-Sided

  • Bright white paper

  • 2.5 x 6 inches


Reward Or Limit A Child’s Privileges

Play Cash is a coherent and integrated Token Economy System; a clean and safe way to reward or limit a child’s privileges. Play Cash can be awarded for good behavior or deducted for misbehavior or chores not done.

Start by assigning children a weekly allowance. Then divide that number by seven to come up with a daily allowance. Let that be the Super Puppy allowance, and deduct from it according to their daily behavior, assessed by the Child Behavioral Chart nightly review.

At the end of the week, you may switch the child’s Play Money for actual money, a reward or a Gift Certificate, depending on age, preferences and circumstances.