GOOD PUPPY offers free implementation through free downloads. All you need is a color printer to make your own tools. Browse GOOD PUPPY FREE Tools and start implementing the system today.

No commitment needed. Order physical tools, books and toys, or download printable PDF files with instructions included. Browse the GOOD PUPPY Shop or use the GOOD PUPPY Menu for easy-to-follow guidance.

Containing all the tools needed to implement the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System, The Starter Kit offers a conveniently priced package curated just for home. Take advantage of this time-limited offer and help children thrive!


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Start by implementing the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral & Emotional System at home. Learn the correct use or multiple uses of each tool as you help your own children thrive. Once you're thrilled with your results, put all that knowledge you've accumulated to good use by teaching other parents the correct implementation of the system to better their lives and their children's. Then, just fill out the form below to be added to our growing list of Therapists offering the GOOD PUPPY System and receive free marketing materials to promote your business. It's that simple!

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