Consequences & Rewards Chart

Exercising Critical Thinking

  • To be implemented with
    GOOD PUPPY Behavior Management Avatar tools.

  • Manage child behavior.

  • Easy to implement.

  • Congruent for home, school & therapy.

  • Based on positive reinforcements & incentives.

  • Multiple correspondences - colors, words, empathetic images & positions.

  • Inclusive of children suffering from Dyslexia, color blindness, ADHD, ODD and some dissociative disorders.

  • Recommended for children, ages 3 to 9.


  • 5 Consequences Charts per pack

  • 1 Sided, bright white paper

  • 11 x 8.5 inches


The System’s Backbone

It is the consistent application of rewards and lost privileges that provides a solid structure children can comprehend. Consequences should be viewed as opportunities for rewards. They teach us responsibility for our actions and how to make the right choices. Consistent consequences help teach children to think critically.