Betty Bad Kitty Bedtime Stories . Blame It On The Fly.

By M. Tito and L. Di Alessandro

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 7.


In this humorous bedtime story, published by Good Puppy, Marina Tito and Lorenzo Di Alessandro take Betty out of the box and onto the spotlight. Sharp graphics full of grace in a carefully selected color pallet make Betty Bad Kitty’s Bedtime Story, Blame It On The Fly, a little jewel of design and an utterly delightful threat to get children to bed.

Meet Betty Bad, a commonly mischievous house cat. Betty is ready to get some attention, create a little mayhem and eventually, ruin everyone’s peaceful sleep. Betty waits all day to play at night, once all children are in bed, with a mouse or with a thread. But kitty falls into a Halloween costume box and all hell breaks loose in the neighborhood. Unaware of her new disguise, Betty climbs up to the roof. A neighbor calls the police, the firemen show up first to put everyone at ease.

The creature is finally captured and returned home. Where, ironically, we find ourselves at the beginning of the book, suggesting that kitty chaos will break loose again as night comes, hence the warning… “All children should be in bed or Betty Bad will ruin your night and your entire day ahead.”

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 7 and parents with a sense of humor.


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edtime Stories

Blame It On The Fly

By M. Tito and L. Di Alessandro

Recommended for children, ages 3 to 8.

Betty Bad is a very well behaved kitty, until night comes, when her stories take place.